Taking The Headache Out Of A Medical Appointment Reminder

Keeping a medical appointment seems like a simple thing, doesn’t it? You might jot the date and time down on a post-it note or scribble it on your refrigerator dry erase board to make sure you don’t forget. Regardless of those post-its and scribbles, patients continue to forget vital meetings with their doctors. One great place to get an appointment reminder service is www.KindlyRemind.me.

Knocking back Starbucks in the morning and energy drinks in the afternoon just to keep going, Americans find themselves cramming appointments into their schedules. Even adding additional notes to their electronic calendars may slip by. Now put yourself in the shoes of the country’s senior citizens.

Create your own fake doctor’s note to help you spend more time with your family.

While a physical when you’re 15 isn’t something to shrug off, seniors often keep a number of appointments that could be the difference between a fully functional lifestyle and severe health issues. With lingering memory problems or even worse, medications that compound potential memory loss, between seniors, their caregivers and family, keeping tabs on who needs to be where can be an immense burden.

Fortunately, HELPSoS may be just the thing to take stress off of the entire family and caregivers alike. The software HELPSoS offers is far more than a simple pill reminder or nudge to go to the doctor.

Not only are you offered those services using voice, e-mail or SMS, but the program goes one step further with its social platform software. Family, friends and caregivers can create and join communities where they can do anything from share photos, plan events, create blogs or even help adjust calendars as necessary.

They also provide “Wellness Care Calls.” These rings are priceless for seniors who have more difficulties than others with daily life and helps monitor post-surgery care. The on-call service provided keeps everyone in the family communicating and aware of how things are going, not just physically, but mentally. Check out kindly remind me today.