3 Ways to Prevent Missing Appointments

Missing a scheduled meeting from time to time is not uncommon, but it can be very inconvenient to others and may even cause a financial loss. From the corporate executive to the stay-at-home mom, keeping scheduled appointments is very important to our daily lives. Simple steps can be taken to help with keeping activities and our lives organized.

One of the best ways to prevent missing an appointment is to make a To-Do-List. Creating a list to jot down all of the important items that must done in a day is a great way to keep daily tasks organized. Simply, make a To-Do-List every night before going to bed, and then make sure that every item is checked off of the list as completed.

Setting an alarm on one’s cell phone is another great way to prevent missed appointments. As soon as a scheduled time is confirmed, place it in the cell phone with an alarm reminder. The alarm can be set to ring at one day or even one hour before scheduled appointment.

Lastly, keeping an appointment book will also help with a busy schedule. Appointment books are inexpensive and a convenient way to list all scheduled meetings. Get in the habit of looking at the book daily to see what may be scheduled and not to miss out on an important meeting.

No one has to endure the embarrassment of missing an important meeting again. Following these simple steps will ensure that one will always remember and is on time for any scheduled engagement.